Park City Blue Spruce




This painting was an anniversary gift to my son and daughter-in-law, as they were married in Park City in 2014…(Oh Happy Day) However; I am using the image to shamelessly plug my Workshop next weekend (July 20, 21, and 22) for the Kimball Art Center in Park City. If you are in town this weekend, please join me! And if you have teens around, I love teaching Mature teens as well. Go to and click on Adult classes to sign up. I have plans to take you to some beautiful locations around the area to paint and it looks like the weather will be perfect!


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Hollyhocks at the Miners Hospital, Park City




Some beginning artists are anxious about painting buildings, so naturally, I try to cover the basics of 2 point perspective in most workshops. First, you need to establish your horizon line which is the invisible line going straight out from your eyes. Anything above that line will be slanted UP. Then mark the closest vertical to you on the building, (In this case it is the corner of the building under the Hollyhocks). Then close 1 eye and with a locked elbow, line up your paintbrush (or some straight edge) to the angle of the roof. Open your eyes and draw that angle on your canvas. Now you will be able to determine the vanishing point which is where the angle of the roof meets the horizon line. Note that this vanishing point will probably be beyond the picture plane. Do the same thing to get the angle on the other side of the building. Any angle that is above the roof line will be steeper UP and any line below that angle will be closer to horizontal. Trust me it is easier than it sounds, but at this point, the teacher is getting anxious as well. Luckily Windy and Traci got it quite well after a few tries. However; what I have often noted is the most artists don’t make the angle as dramatic as it really is, so be sure to always check twice and remember…BE BOLD!
Traci and Windy at the Miner’s Hospital.

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