Three Rolls

Just because we are all stuck at home, does not mean that we can’t use this time on creative pursuits! I have a proposal to everyone, kids included, to do a fun art project that requires very little equipment. Set up rolls of toilet paper (I am sure you have that) and draw, photograph or paint it. Set it up with different backgrounds and see what happens to the shadows. Then place the toilet paper by a lamp and see what is the color of the cast shadow? How dark is the shadow side of the roll? How dark is the cast shadow? What color and value is the halftone between the shadow and the light. What color is the light? Does it have yellow, orange, or blue in the light? Is there a reflective light in the shadow and if so, what color and value is the reflective light. Hint, the reflective light is still a part of the shadow so don’t make it too light!
Then send me a photo of your efforts by next Monday, March 30, and I will show your art in an On-Line Art Show!!!! No reason to get bored! As long as we have have some toilet paper, let’s just keep rolling along!

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