2019 Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 2: Two Cherries Carpenter’s Pencils


I wrote about these in August. They are still awesome and I still use them every chance I get.

Why am I writing this, then? To tell you not to bother ordering them from the Two Cherries website. I ordered some, they charged my card but the pencils never arrived – Pencilgate. So if you want them, I recommend Tools for Working Wood. They won’t let you down (and the pencils are the same price when purchased direct from Two Cherries).

Fantastic pencils. Great lead. Great wood. Perfect balance and feel in the hand.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Original source: https://blog.lostartpress.com/2019/12/02/2019-anarchists-gift-guide-day-2-two-cherries-carpenters-pencils/

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