Jan. Welsh Stick Chair Class w/Chris Williams


Image courtesy of Tim Bowen.

A special treat for us – and for six students – Christopher Williams is traveling to Covington from Wales to teach a Welsh Stick Chair class January 27-31, 2020.

When registering for the class, you’ll be charged a $60 non-refundable administrative fee (after the class sells out, a waitlist will open; signing up for the waitlist is free). After registering, the six in the class will be sent an invoice for the class fee of $1,500, which will be due upon receipt, given the relatively short time until the class. If, after paying the class fee of $1,500, you need to drop the class, we can offer a refund of said class fee only if we can fill your slot from the waitlist – in other words, please be sure you can take the class before registering. I know this is strict, but there are a few students who play a juggling game with classes and deposits. We do not want to play this game.

Register here.

Attendees will receive a tool list and details on booking accommodations in the Covington area. Don’t worry – there are lots of rooms here.

A materials fee will be due on the day the class begins. We’re trying to source as much of the material from tree services, so we don’t yet know what the fee will be. Likely about $300.

Chris is a fantastic chairmaker and worked with John Brown for many years in refining and exploring the Welsh Stick Chair form. (In fact, Brown likely invented the term “Welsh Stick Chairs,” which we all use today.) Chris’s focus as a chairmaker is on achieving perfection in these chairs while using the barest minimum of tools. His classes focus on the skills and mindset to make these chairs – not jigs or machines.

As a result, this is definitely not a beginner chair class. We ask that anyone who registers for the class/waitlist to have prior chairmaking experience. The chair for this class will have six sticks making up the chair’s back. Each chair will turn out a little different based on the materials and the maker. That is one of the (many) beautiful aspects of this chair.

This is a rare experience to learn chairmaking from someone who has lived and breathed it his entire life, who has made hundreds of these chairs and has a direct link to John Brown that lasted many years.

We promise this will be one of the most intense and gratifying weeks of your woodworking career. Chris gives 100 percent during the entire class (and afterward) – answering questions about Wales, chairmaking, John Brown and (if you’re nice) rugby. All your senses will be involved. We’ll make sure everyone eats and drinks well and gets a good taste of what this area has to offer. Unless you are a devoted hermit, I think you’ll find the evenings as enlightening and stimulating as the classroom time.

Click here to register.

— Fitz

Original source: https://blog.lostartpress.com/2019/11/20/jan-welsh-stick-chair-class-w-chris-williams/

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