London: Lauren Baker presents An Open Dialogue with Nat…

Lauren Baker has a mission to plant 8,888 trees in the Amazon.

‘An Open Dialogue with Nature’ is a large scale installation, presented at The Other Art Fair London October 2019, continuing Lauren’s ongoing work to connect with Mother Earth, raise awareness and inspire others. 

Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist who exhibits internationally. Her work explores the fragility and expansiveness of life and the universe. Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, the artist uses light to express universal energies and aims to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world. Throughout 2019 Lauren has been planting trees for each artwork she sells. She believes that artists have the power to influence and inspire communities in a positive way. She wants to collaborate and inspire others to get involved in raising awareness and to take positive action by planting trees in the Amazon via this fundraising page

Last year, she released a ‘Letter to Mother Earth’ installation at Tate Exchange. The letter was an open apology for the destruction humans have caused, written in light projected sound frequencies. In ‘An Open Dialogue with Nature’, The Letter to Mother Earth will be projected onto a 3.5m high white ethereal tree, as nature listens to our apology. As the light frequency sound waves reach the end of the branches, visitors are met with sounds from the Amazon, inspiring visitors to plant trees and join her mission. 

Visit Lauren Baker’s installation at the fair in London from 3-6 October and visit her on stand 119 where will also be selling neon artworks and limited edition prints.

Book your tickets for The Other Art Fair London, 3-6 October at Victoria House online now. 

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