About That Class Registration Fee…


If you read the post about our upcoming classes, you know that for 2020, we’re charging a small non-refundable registration fee of $12 a day per class. You might wonder why, and if it’s worth it.

In short, it’s because the entirety of your class tuition goes to the instructor. And during the past 18 months, we’ve found that the classes require lots of glue, gallons of drinking water (and dang-good coffee), ample toilet paper, and to keep the HVAC at a comfortable level for seven people. The small registration fee will help pay for that. Plus, the class registration site costs money – so part of each fee goes to pay for it, too.

Why is the registration fee non-refundable? Again, because all the tuition goes to the instructor, we have to have some way to pay for all the administration when people drop out of classes, require help with shipping tools or need assistance with housing, meals or activities for their families. We’re happy to help, but we do need to eat.

We do our best to make sure classes here are worth the investment in money and time. Lost Art Press operates differently than most publishing companies, and the classes here are different, too. With only six students in all but a few classes, you get plenty of personal attention from the instructor (whether you want it or not!). And, you’ve the opportunity to try out a bunch of different bench styles in our working shop (handy, if you’re thinking about building one). Plus, you have access to the Covington Mechanical Library – our large collection of woodworking books (including a three-volume set of the original 18th-century “l’art du Menuisier”).

You also get to spend time in the Covington Main Strasse area, which is aces (it’s possible we’re biased). There are scads of good and inexpensive restaurants within easy walking distance, and plenty of hotels and Air BnB rentals available at shockingly low rates. And we’re right across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati, where you’ll find even more great restaurants, and plenty for your family to do while you’re in class, should they visit with you.

We love offering classes, and think you’ll have a great time here (and learn a lot, of course!) – so we hope this small fee won’t stop you from registering for a class.

— Fitz

Original source: https://blog.lostartpress.com/2019/08/19/about-that-class-registration-fee/

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