Sneaky Kitty




Now most Artists will tell you they have a PLAN before they start a painting, but, just like in real life, things don’t always work out the way you think. This can be painful, but not always bad…For instance, The idea for the painting above did not include a cat. I love stripes, and often wear stripes and enjoy painting them…it’s a drawing challenge. The video below was shot to explain my thinking when starting a Still Life combining Peonies and drapery with Stripes. However; after having a wonderful time doing just that, the painting looked like it needed something else. I don’t know. maybe it just seemed too, you know, STILL! Anyway, while browsing through the photos on my phone, I ran across an image of this cute cat I took last weekend in Round Top. “Hummm, he has stripes as well… maybe he could just sneak in here at the bottom of the painting, nothing too obvious, after all, it’s a painting of Peonies, right?” Sneaky!

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