“High Hokum” by Illustrator Oriana Fenwick

Oriana Fenwick High Hokum was a personal/ free project I did back in 2014, this was my abstract take on the way we as humans go about highlighting sentiment and emotion like select memorabilia in a glass cabinet. I chose to use specific objects and shapes as placeholders for these intangible parts of human nature.

Oriana Fenwick is an illustrator from Zimbabwe, currently living and working in Frankfurt, Germany.

Oriana Fenwick



Oriana Fenwick



Oriana Fenwick



Oriana Fenwick



Oriana Fenwick



Oriana Fenwick’s Website

Oriana Fenwick on Instagram

Original source: https://www.booooooom.com/2019/06/11/high-hokum-by-illustrator-oriana-fenwick/

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