tiny art show

Gah! Tiny art, tiny treats, tiny ropes while you wait in, well, a really BIG line! Yes, this is a brilliant idea called tiny art show … and I love it more than a tiny bit. I’ll let the mastermind behind this hilariously wonderful event, Utah based artist McKay Lenker Bayer, explain the ins and outs:
“tiny art show is a community art project that installs miniature art shows in unexpected places. Each miniature exhibition features a different local artist in a new location. You might stumble upon one in a dressing room at a boutique or in a storage closet in your favorite bookstore. The art can be no larger than 3x3in, and it hangs just a few inches off the ground. These shows maybe be small, but they have the quality and talent of any art exhibition. Each show is complete with an artist statement, mini booklets about the show, and magnify glasses.
Each tiny show starts off with an opening reception, where anywhere between 200-500 people wait in line to check out the tiny art, meet the artist, and snack on miniature treats. Since this project began in October of 2018, every single one of our eight shows have sold out.
tiny art show aims to make viewing and collecting local art more fun and accessible. We also hope to bring a little magic and childlike wonder to everyday life.”
Nailed it. So, where will the next tiny art show pop up? It’s you, Los Angeles! On March 30th tiny art show is coming your way… follow tiny art show on Instagram to find out who, what, and where.
*photos found on their Instagram feed, taken by various people 

Original source: http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/2019/03/22/tiny-art-show/

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