Feed This Cat (And Get Stickers!)


The newest batch of stickers arrived early (yay!) and are available for immediate shipment. You can order a set of three for $7, which will ship them anywhere in the United States. International shipping is also available.

To order a set, visit Madeline’s etsy store.

The cat shown in the photo is ChickPea, Maddy’s spirit animal and constant companion. In all my days I have never seen an animal so totally devoted to a human (and vice versa). Ordering stickers ensures Maddy’s apartment heat stays on, and that ChickPea won’t eat my daughter’s face.

The stickers in this set are 100-percent vinyl (you can use them outdoors) and made in the United States. You can read more about the individual stickers in this set here.

— Christopher Schwarz

Original source: https://blog.lostartpress.com/2019/02/08/feed-this-cat-and-get-stickers/

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